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Tides Up

The Climate Mobilization is an organization seeking to facilitate large scale responses to climate change in the United States. They focus their attention on political activism, community projects and public education on the current and future effects of climate change on our planet.


The goal for this project was to create an advertisement that would speak to the rising sea levels and their projected effects on coastal cities. 


To illustrate the severity of the issue, water reflections would be projected upon prominent downtown buildings, with the height rising with each passing year marker to give passers by a startling visual. The flickering timeline gives a sense of foreboding, like a ticking clock, and once the time is “out” the call to learn more is displayed.


Bronze — AAF District 10 2020
Best of Show — AAF San Antonio 2020

Gold — AAF San Antonio 2020 
Honorable Mention — Graphis New Talent 2020


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